Movie - Fantasy

Braveheart Sword William Wallace
Blade of 420 stainless steel. Handle covered with dark brown leather.
Overall 132 cm / 52 in.

299,00 EUR*
Hattori Hanzo - Bride´s Katana (Forged Line)
Hand forged Blade of 1045 Carbone steel.
Blade 73 cm / 28,7 in. ; Overall 103 cm / 40,5 in.

199,00 EUR*
Hobbit - Fili the Dwarf
The Sword of Fili the Dwarf.

241,00 EUR*
Hobbit - Kili the Dwarf
The Sword of Kili the Dwarf.

241,00 EUR*
Hobbit - Sting Bilbo Baggins
The Sword of Bilbo Baggins.
AUS-6 stainless blade. Solid metal guard and pommel. Wooden wall display plaque with wood grain finish and silk screen praphic. Certificate of Authenticity. Officially licensed reproduction of the film prop used in the movie The Hobbit:
Blade 39 cm / 15,4 in. ; Overall 56,5 cm / 22,25 in.

189,00 EUR*
John Lee - Last Samurai Katana (Forged Line)
Known from the movie "The last Samurai".
Hand forged Blade of 1045 Carbone steel.
Blade 73 cm / 28,7 in. ; Overall 101 cm / 40 in.

209,00 EUR*
Kit Rea - Mithrodin Sword
Swords of the Ancients Collection.
Unsharpened 420 J2 Stainless blade. Solid metal handle with antiqued finish and leather wrapped grip.
Overall 108 cm / 42,75 in.

166,00 EUR*
Lord of the Rings - Anduril
The Sword of Aragorn.
420 J2 stainless blade inscribed with runes in the Tolkien language of Quenya. Genuine leather wrapped handle with antique silver plated solid metal cross guard and pommel. Hardwood display plaque with silk screen artwork.
Blade 103 cm / 40,6 in, ; Overall 134 cm / 52,9 in.

285,00 EUR*
Lord of the Rings - Legolas
The Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf.
420 J2 stainless blade deep etched with a gold tone color. Solid American oak handle with an Elven vine design, cast metal guard and pommel.
Blade 40 cm / 15,75 in ; Overall 57 cm / 22,4 in.

265,00 EUR*
Lord of the Rings - Sting Frodo Baggins
The Sword of Frodo Baggins.
Blade of: 420 J2 stainless steel.
Handle of hard wood. Pommel and guard of metal.
Overall 56 cm / 22 in. ; Blade 38 cm / 15 in.

189,00 EUR*
Mask of Zorro Movie Sword
The Sword of Zorro.
Limited Edition (1999 of 2000) Mask of Zorr Sword by United Cutlery.

299,00 EUR*
Blade of 420 stainless steel.
Overall 135 cm / 53 in.

458,00 EUR*
Unitded Cutlery - M48 Talon Survival Spear
Stainles steel blade; Handle of 30% fiberglass. Sheath of TPU.
Blade 20 cm ; with 1 cm thickness.
Overall 114 cm
106,00 EUR*

256,00 EUR*
LARP Age of Conan Vanaheim Doublehead Axe
Original Age of Conan Vanaheim doublehead axe. The fiberglass rod at the core of this axe is covered in soft latex foam, which is why this LARP weapon is perfectly safe for live action role playing. Latex and a sealing coat make sure that this original Age of Conan Vanaheim foam weapon has a long service life.
Overall 102 cm / 40,2 in.
90,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs