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In London, Paris and New York, we have no branch - for that we are in Linz since 1889 present.

Here in the shop area you will find a large selection of knives and scissors of all kind for work, home and hobby.

As an old-established specialized shop we count among our customers ambitious hobby cooks and chefs exactly as outdoor enthusiasts and mushroom pickers. Furthermore hardworking tailors, hair stylists, florists, knife & sword collectors well as martial arts fans and cookie bakers.

Have fun,


Thomas Pizzini



New in the Shop
Victorinox Deluxe Tinker Damast LE2018
Limited Edition 2018; Deluxe Tinker with Blade of damascus-steel -Ladder- (DS93X) and Handlescales of Plumbs wood
Limited to 6.000 Pieces
259,00 EUR*
Victorinox Spartan Wood
37,00 EUR*
Victorinox Huntsman Wood
53,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs