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In London, Paris and New York, we have no branch - for that we are in Linz since 1889 present.

Here in the shop area you will find a large selection of knives and scissors of all kind for work, home and hobby.

As an old-established specialized shop we count among our customers ambitious hobby cooks and chefs exactly as outdoor enthusiasts and mushroom pickers. Furthermore hardworking tailors, hair stylists, florists, knife & sword collectors well as martial arts fans and cookie bakers.

Have fun,


Thomas Pizzini



New in the Shop
Baladéo Cutlery Set Laguiole Style
Knife and Fork of stainless steell with handle scales of olive wood.
Knife Blade 11 cm ; Overall 23 cm
Fork Overall 23 cm.
76,00 EUR*
Meine Schnitzwerkstatt + Opinel
Opinel #7 Kindermesser natur mit Buch von Astrid Schulte "Meine Schnitzwerkstatt".
21,00 EUR*
Baladéo Steak Fork Set 6 pcs.
6 Steak Forks of Stainless steel with handlescales of Olive wood. Laguiole Style.
Length 23 cm.
162,00 EUR*
Baladéo Steak Knives 6 pcs.
6 Steak knives with blade of 420 stainless steel and handle scales of olive wood. Laguiole Style.
Blade 11 cm ; Overall 23 cm.
142,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs