Martial Arts Weapons
The ownership of Martial Arts Weapons (Nunchaku, Shuriken, ...) is prohibited in Austria for people below 18 years!

Purchaser from outside Austria are supposed to inquire about the local laws before placing an order; in this regard we take no liability!

When ordering products which are obtainable in Austria only to people of 18 years or older, please send us unasked a copy of your ID-Card (jpg, pdf) by email.
Whats new
Nunchaku 11 in. (round, thin)
Lightweight wood round, 30,5 cm / 12 in. ; Diameter 2 cm / 0,75 in. ; chain (3-link) 6 cm with ball bearing swivel.

25,00 EUR*
Nunchaku 12 in. (round) Yellow w. stripes
Hardwood round, 30,5 cm / 12 in. ; chain 14 cm with ball bearing swivel. Weight 400 g.
Bruce Lee's "Game of Death" replica.

35,00 EUR*
Carbon-Expandable Baton
16" or 21"
23,00 EUR*
Unbreakable Umbrella (Standard Crook)
Self-defense umbrella.
130,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs