Kitchen Utensils

Chef Forceps
Chef Forceps of stainless steel.
25 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm oder 50 cm.
14,00 EUR*
Drop-Stop Wine Pourers
Thin and flexible silvery foil mylar disc is rolled up and inserted into the bottle neck before pouring, to stop wine from dripping.
2 pc.pack
3,00 EUR*
Eraser Type Polishing Rubber
This japanese Polishing Rubber removes easy scratches and soilings from Blades, pots, panns etc. Applicable to metal, glas and ceramic - wet or dryly.
---The polishing Rubber leaves behind erase traces. Do not use it on sensitive surfaces like chrome, varnished or high polished surfaces.---
about 6,5 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm.
15,00 EUR*
Pan Rings 4 pc.
Pan-rings non-stick-coated.
Round, Square, Heart and Star.
about 7,5 cm.
24,00 EUR*
Stubai Skewer with Sword Handle
Skewer for grilling with epee handle.
Overall 30 cm ; spit 25 cm.
6,50 EUR*
Truffle Slicer
Truffle Slicer of 18/10 stainless steel.
9 x 19 cm / 3,5x7,5 in.
31,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Apple Corer
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle.
9,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Can Opener
The lid fits perfectly back on to the tin for the short-term storage of partially used tins.
Opens smoothly, without leaving any sharp edges.
30,00 EUR*
Wüsthof - Cheese Slicer
Cheese slicer of stainless steel.
Edge 5 cm.
20,00 EUR*
Wüsthof - Fruit / Vegetables Carving Set 8 pc.
Set of Shaping Knives 8 pc.
8 piece set of shaping knives for fruit and vegetables. For creative garnishing. Turn fruit and vegetables quickly and easily into attractive, appetizing shapes.
Functional parts made of tempered and stainless steel. Handles a combination of high-value PP and soft grip. Dishwasher proof. With practical roll bag.
89,00 EUR*
Wüsthof - Gourmet Tweezers
Overall-Length 20 cm / 7,9 in.
10,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Grapefruit Knife
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle. Fine serrated on both sides.
13,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Julienne Cutter
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle.
25,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Larding- Trussing Needle
Larding Needle straight with flap 20 cm / 7,9 in.
Larding Needle curved 18 cm / 7 in.
Trussing Needle 18 cm / 7 in.
3,20 EUR*
Wusthof - Lemon Zester
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle.
10,00 EUR*
Wüsthof - Masticator
Chrome plated
for chop-up meat
18 cm / 7 in.
66,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Melon Baller
3 cm, 1,5 cm or 1 cm.
11,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Melon Baller Combi
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle.
2,2 and 2,5 cm
16,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Orange Peeler
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle.
10,00 EUR*
Wusthof - Pizza Cutter
Stainless. Dishwasher safe handle.
18,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs