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Glock Field Spade
60,00 EUR*
Shrill Alarm
14,00 EUR*
Coghlans - Magnesium Fire Starter
Shave some splinters from the magnesium block with a pocketknife. To produce sparks strike the integrated flint with the back of the blade. The resultant flame is particularly hot! THE survival fire lighter.
7,6 x 1 x 2,5 cm ; 52 g.
9,50 EUR*
CRKT Paracord Suvival Bracelet Accessory (FS-LED)
Paracord Suvival Bracelet Accessory
Compass, Fire Starter and LED or
Compass and LED or
Compass and Fire Starter
>>>without Bracelet<<<
11,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs