Our scissors are all from very good quality, they work soft and every specialist can sharpen them.
The length-indication by all scissors relate to the length overall.

You will find scissors for the kitchen under Kitchen / Scissors in the Kitchen.

Nail- and Cuticle Scissors under Manicure - Pedicure.
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Cigar Cutter (3-Blades)
Sale - while supplies last

Japanese cigar cutter with three stainless steel blades and gold plated handles.
99,00 EUR*
valid until 08/01/2018
Whats new
Dreiturm - Tailor´s Shears 8
Tailor´s Shears for Lefthander
1A Toolsteel
Lenght 20,5 cm / 8 in.
66,00 EUR*
Tailor´s Shears
7", 8", 9" oder 10"
44,00 EUR*
Dreiturm - Paper Shears 10
Drop forged, nickel plated.
Length 25 cm / 10 in.
26,00 EUR*
Dreiturm - Thinning Shears 5,5
Stainless speciality steel, drop forged, one-sided with removeable hook.
14 cm / 5,5 in.
56,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs