Our scissors are all from very good quality, they work soft and every specialist can sharpen them.
The length-indication by all scissors relate to the length overall.

You will find scissors for the kitchen under Kitchen / Scissors in the Kitchen.

Nail- and Cuticle Scissors under Manicure - Pedicure.
Whats new
Dreiturm - Tailor´s Shears
Tailor´s Shears Premium Edition, chromed.
8 in / 21 cm.
128,00 EUR*
Alpen Household Scissors (Lefthand)
Household Scissors for left hander.
Nickel plated steel.
5 in. / 13 cm
6 in. / 15 cm
7 in. / 18 cm with one longer Ring
19,00 EUR*
Wüsthof - Poultry Shears
Kitchen shears with come-apart mechanism for easy cleaning.
Overall 24 cm ; 9,25 in.
90,00 EUR*
Dreiturm - Hair Scissors
Sizes 5 in., 5,5 in. and 6 in.
47,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs