The ownership of Batons, Thrust weapons (Daggers, Boot knives, Swords, ...) is prohibited in Austria for people below 18 years!

Purchaser from outside Austria are supposed to inquire about the local laws before placing an order; in this regard we take no liability!

When ordering products which are obtainable in Austria only to people of 18 years or older, please send us unasked a copy of your ID-Card (jpg, pdf) by email.
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Urs Velunt Exhibition-Fight Sword Antikfinish

Handforged blade of Carbonsteel with an edge of 2,5 mm and roundet security tip.
Screwed Blade.
Handleparts of steel, Handle is wraped with leather.
Blade 70 cm ; 27,6 in.
Overall 88 cm ; 34,6 in.
Guard 21 cm ; 8,3 in.
Weight 1,5 kg

106,00 EUR*
CAS Hanwei - Practical Tai Chi Sword
High carbon steel blade. Black wooden handle with antique silver finish steel guard and pommel. Matching scabbard.
Blade 71cm / 25 in. ; Overall 88 cm / 34,5 in.
189,00 EUR*
Unitded Cutlery - M48 Talon Survival Spear
Stainles steel blade; Handle of 30% fiberglass. Sheath of TPU.
Blade 20 cm ; with 1 cm thickness.
Overall 114 cm
106,00 EUR*
Mail shirt of 12 mm zinc-coated steel rings.
Thy guy on the pic is about 180 cm tall).
Weight ca. 12-13 kg.
185,00 EUR*
* incl. VAT. plus shipping costs