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Victorinox Alox Limited Edition 2018 Berryred
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Victorinox Alox Limited Edition 2018 Berryred
The Alox Limited Edition dedicates every year to a new color. The range includeses: the Classic (58 mm), the Cadet (84 mm) and the Pioneer (93 mm).
The Alox scales are punched from aluminum, embossed and then anodized in a subsequent process stage. The Eloxal process uses anodic oxidation to create a protective layer and gives the scales its color. This layer of oxide is hard and provides additional scale protection against damage and corrosion. The layer can wear depending on use.
These three models will be launched in a new color every year. Each edition is limited to one year and the corresponding year is engraved on the back of the pocket knives.

Classic (58 mm)
Length: 58 mm; thickness 6 mm; Alox-Handles ripped;
1. Blade
2. Nail file with
3.- Screwdriver
4. Scissors
5. Key ring

Cadet (84 mm)
Swiss Army Knife - Length: 84 mm; thickness 8 mm; Alox-handles ripped;
1. Large blade
2. Nail file with
3.- Nail cleaner
4. Can opener with
5.- Small screwdriver
6. Cap lifter with
7.- Screwdriver
8.- Wire stripper
9. Key ring

Pionee (93 mm)
Length: 93 mm; thickness 12 mm; Alox-Handles ripped;
1. Blade
2. Reamer - punch
3. Can opener with
4.- Small screwdriver
5. Cap lifter with
6.- Screwdriver
7.- Wirestripper
8. Key ring
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